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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 8, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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of end of life software. it's not just the banks. it's pretty much anybody who uses this kind of system. >> all right. thank you very much. windows xp, who knew banks were the last ones to use it? much more on this tonight at fbn. hello, everyone, i'm eric boling, along with bob beckle, dana perino, and greg gutfeld, and andrea tantaros. it is "the five." >> the reverend al sharp ton dropped a bomb shell in new york today. admitting to do an fbi informant. >> i did what anybody who do other who is respected. rats are people that are with other rats. i was not and am not a rat because i wasn't with theeu8e[ . i'm a cat.
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and i chase rats. i was never told i was an informant with a number. so in my -- in my own mind, i was not an informant. i was cooperating with investigation. >> the smoking gun website outd the minister yesterday as an fbi informant. among the various crimes, murder, benarrow these wise guys ended up in the slammer because of this guy and the $64,000 question why did al sharpton because the community activist become the informant. if you believe the reverend, he did it for the community and the kids? >> i did what was right.
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i did what was always raised and the value of a praying mother would do and i did what i tell kids every day all over this country that they should do, and that is deal with getting guns and crime out of their community and cooperate with the law. >> well, call me a skeptic but i don't think i've ever heard an informant flipping unless the feds have something on him first. perhaps the real smoking gun, here's an undercover fbi agent acting as a drug trafficker negotiating $35,000 kilos of cocaine to none other than al sharpton at the time sharpton threatened to hbo that there was another tape that would exonerate. we never saw him.
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>> that's a drop in the bucket. we can bring bigger. >> every kill go bram we bring in. >> that's a drip in the bucket. >> he can do it a hundred times over. >> so bob, what do you think about this? >> i think that sharpton probably got involved at the music industry that is notorious in the black community for dealing with cocaine, specifically $35,000 of kilos is a lot of money for cocaine. they say it's 99% pure. sharp ton, they may have brought these guys down, but i assume
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it's on drug charges. you don't get somebody to become a informant unless you have something to convince them to do it. >> they say that al sharpton had some contacts in the music industry and the boxing arena as well and those contacts by meeting with them turn over some genovese crime family names. >> he's changed his story in the last 24 hours. so first he says he he didn't really have any involvement and his excuse is he was a civil rights kid just trying to help out, just trying to do the right thing for a lot of african-american artists and agents in the boxing industry. i think the question really here was al doing the right this? can you believe him? was he doing a good thing or bad thing by ratting out the crime family? i think a lot of people don't
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believe al sharpton. this story doesn't matter to me that much. but al sharpton a rat? really? this is the lead. that doesn't seem to be that big news. >> we knew about this there was an undercover sting going on and whatnot, the new part of this is that he was actually an fbi informant. >> i believe him. saying that al sharpton is an informant, saying that charles man son is a lousy dancer. one of sharpton's protests that led to 7 people dead. race baiting and politics.
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>> dana, what about this president obama spending a lot of time with al sharpton. he's been to state dinners, al has? friday, president obama is going to make some sort of introduction at al sharpton's national action network on friday? >> it's a good idea for the president of the united states to be associating with him? >> he's larger than life. he's one of life's great characters, he's one of these crazy people that has done all sorts of different things in his life. looking at those tapes those it feels like watching the americans in fx, where the spies are using old fashioned machines to track down things. i think it's hard for younger people to look at that tape and think it was a big crime. >> yes, but you brought up the national action network, they owe $1.9 million in taxes.
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and lois learner hasn't targeted that. but that money could go pay for obamacare, yet we go after the tea party. >> if you believe that he was being threatened by the genovese family, now, if al went to the fbi and said i'm being threatened wi these guys, first the obvious question is what were you doing there? were you trying to buy drugs? well, they had a tape of this thing, but he did in the end, because of what he did, according to the fbi anyway, bring down some pretty significant mobsters, but you got to give him that much. >> i'm not sure that's the right trail of events. the way i understand it, this fbi sting that went down, we played a piece of videotape. al claims there's another piece of tape that sconer rates him.
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al started to work with the fbi and with the feds and brought down some of these big crime families wire tapping his briefcase. >> what was he doing at with that informant at that point? was he buying for music industry or -- >> it was an undercover cop. >> i knew that. >> he knew exactly when to just nod his family and not say anything. he sat there most of time i couldn't say nodding his head and that's his excuse, i did nothing wrong. i was just nodding my head. al sharpton has a real credibility problem. this pales in comparison to any of things. >> we reward bozos out of fear. there's a lot of companies contribute to causes because
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they don't want rallies or protests, msnbc, he has a show. but the only way msnbc could set their bar even lower would be to hire a parameseum. it's like a microorganism. >> sharp is on at 6:00. >> that -- that's amazing to me. >> the mob clearly, i'm guessing didn't know about this? you knew they knew about it? >> no, because they got caught and here's the real question i got al is al want to be walking around the streets, the genovese's family is alive. they've got cousins and if i were al i would be very careful where i walked.
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>> there's no blowback from the white house. >> partly say there's fear. the president gets to decide. the president is not running for office again and al sharpton reaches an audience and i think you can argue he has done some good work for some people, over time. maybe there's a sense of redemption. i don't know a lot about the crime world. when i watch things like this, i think that my life is so different. >> are you sure, little d, as you are known on the streets? >> i know anything about this stuff. >> you've been pushing kilos for years? >> i was like wyoming italian. >> when he was talking about that cocaine, is that a lot of money for that type, in that year? bob who was in cocaine at the time? >> this is good 5:00 information. >> again, you have the mob on one side and you have al sharpton on the other. i'm more scared of one than the other, and unless any of you all
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have planning to start my car after the show, or hire me a food taster. >> what makes him a reverend? does anyone know? >> that's a good question. i'm not sure what his church is and i would never suggest that it's a tax dodge. never in a million years but he is a man of god. i will say this for many decades we've had a lot of white sharl la tans operating in history. >> he's a baptist. but just one thing before we go. he was buying -- he was fronting for somebody to buy that cocaine, right, at that point the fbi turned him. now, who was he fronting for? that's the question. he infiltrated the genovese family that was supplying the drugs. that means somebody was buying them. >> let's be fair. there may have been a different reason for that meeting and the undercover cop -- while we're
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here let's talk about this cocaine i could sell you. >> he might have been buying track suits in bulk. >> he is so thin. he is a complete veeg an. he actually said he's a rat -- he's not a rat, he's a cat. and he used to be fat. >> president obama busts out his trusty pen to sign ex-stiff orders. we'll analyze the president's equal pay agenda. that's coming up at 5:00. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before.
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president obama's latest agenda aims to decrease the pay gap between men and women by signing another executive order that affects only the workforce
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employed by federal contract workers. >> america should be a level playing field, a fair place for anybody, a place where anybody who is willing to work hard has a chance to get ahead. some commentators are out there saying the pay gap doesn't exist. they say it's a myth. it's not a myth. it's math. you can look at the paychecks. you can look at the stubs. >> but even cbs admits the white house is getting roughed up by their own equal pay rhetoric. >> an analysis shows the medium income of female staffers is 88% of that of male staffers. the white house says its gender gap is due to education, experience. the big difference in these stories, when president obama discusses this issue nationally, he doesn't mention those other
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work variables. >> how convenient? greg, maybe the president should speak before he puts his -- if he's willing, i guess to put his money where his math is. >> yes, more people standing behind him every single day. it's the inverse law of facts. the less facts you have, the more people you pack behind you. economists untangle this myth constantly. it's the product of female choice often for flexibility in schedule, plus these other factors. it doesn't matter because president obama and the people that write for him operate not on facts, but emotional pleas untethered by truth and this happens in gender pay inequality, and climate change hysteria and race baiting. facts are the bodies you want to bury in the basement when you want to make an emotional plea. >> dana, what about that from a communications standpoint? we can do these segments on the show, but the president is
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showing is that the message people will take home, all right, republicans are against equal pay for women and president obama is for it? is this tough for republicans to fight even though the math doesn't add up? >> yes. no one should underestimate the power of the white house to deliver a message. you mention that this is like -- this is his thing this year. it's actually every two yeerks the democrats do this. i think we did this story last year and the year before when president obama was leading up to his re-election. i think facts are the thing that are most important. i worked at the white house. i got paid the same as my male counterparts and i would have expected nothing less but i know that a lot of women and men fought for me to have that right leading up to now. >> i think the tweet of the day goes to our ed henry. love all these guys but note six of the seven news organizations,
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eric, sitting in the front row were men but white house sent out a man to answer these questions, which is pretty good. >> so poor major garrett is going to be fired for calling out the white house. major garrett pointed out 88,000 versus 76,000 so men at the white house are paid more and women are paid 88 cents on the dollar. when president obama was senator obama, last year, 2008, he paid his men 57,000per year, the women 70% of that, 45,000 ballpark or show. of all the jobs president obama claims to have created since he started, only 38.5% are women. so 61.5% have gone to men. last month, the labor statistics came out, the unemployment rate, 180,000 women lost their jobs last month alone.
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venlingt our own brit hume calls this political audacity. i agree with brit. the president doesn't pay his women as much as he pays his men. >> president obama he may be lacking in some something's but surely not in political audacity. he was focusing on a particular aspect of the issue, the supposed pay gap between men and women. studies have shown that when you get past the superficial truth, the pay gap begins to evaporate. don't expect the prez and his allies to abandon his view soon. >> they are running with the same political playbook that they are. >> they took all the women on
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the white house on the payroll and all the men and then we they take a median income. i worked in the white house as well. for example, the white house operators are all women. they don't get paid as much as people on the economic council. the maids don't get paid as much. people are not getting paid the same level as people who work in the west wing. it is true. maybe they should. maybe they should make $80,000 or $100,000, when you average it out, it's not at all surprising? >> shouldn't that be the same for the same statistics? >> what you are saying, bob, is what the companies across america saying is that they believe too? they want that kind of flexibility, so they can determine based on their market value, what somebody's skills, all of that. the challenge that republicans have on that, it's trying to say there's a better way for all
2:23 pm
sorts of things not just for flex time for women. corporate tax reform, lower taxes, a flatter tax, an energy bill that actually makes sense, those are the type of thing that would help everybody, in particular women, the freer flow of capital to women who want to start businesses is the best way to improve the gender gap. >> women saying home, sthas when you have the pay disparity. >> i am for flex time especially at the gym. president obama listens to activists with no experience in business. they have no concept of workplace because their place of employment is the picket line. if they actually ran a business they would understand that women choose jobs often for the flexibility that it entails. so instead they dem onnize, des
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he mate without any experience. the truth reveals they are failing. >> they all do. >> they all do. >> this isn't done to help women. this is done to use them. the irs targeting schedule reaches a boiling down. lois learn, should she end up getting loan in prison. details when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... ♪ ...who work with regional experts... ♪ ...who work with portfolio management experts, that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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co: until you're sure you need a hotel room bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. anyone need a coupon? i don't. contrary to what some democrats have been saying about the irs targeting liberal groups as well as conservative groups, sworn testimony from irs employees paint a different
2:29 pm
picture. only 7 applications were reviewed. those groups were not subject to enhanced scrutiny. point to lois learner as being responsible. things may get worse for her because they are now considering referring her to the department of criminal justice for possible charges. >> i want to know who is going to jail. somebody at the irs violated the law. i made clear lois learner was either going to tell us the truth or if she was going to hold her in contempt. if she is not going to tell the truth, the house will vote, the house will hole her in contempt. >> the new development is you have the sworn testimony that irs employees had to under oath say there were no liberal groups targeted. >> as much as i think this woman
2:30 pm
did commit crimes, i just don't see holding her in contempt in congress as being in her estimation that big of a deal. they seem to act with impunity. the president can pardon her if she wants. the attorney general eric holder has been held in contempt of congress and nothing happened to him. we as a nation are relying more and more on government than ever. we're not demanding any accountability. the same people who went nutso over watergate are not saying anything about this and this is a bigger deal. this is mall fee sans. the associated president targeting james rosen. i think they act and they feel that they are above the law and they can be. it's because no one seems to care. we cover it here at this
2:31 pm
network. no one else seems to care about it. >> do you think that, eric, it's possible that president obama really believes that there is not a smidgen of corruption in this whole deal? everything was above board. do you think that he really believes that there was nothing untoward happening? >> i think he has to know what was going on. just like chris christie probably knew what was that going on with the bridge scandal. there's that plausible deniability. andrea is right, i sat down with darrell issa, how come these people to the hill, take the oath and then they lie? he said here's the way they work in congress. they swear to tell the truth. they have an opportunity to correct the record if they gets found out. no one ever picks it up and puts it on tv and says, you know, we're going to hold you
2:32 pm
accountable for lying and put you in some sort of lock-up somewhere. there is politics at its ugly worst where a republicans and democrats, they get up on the hill, the cameras go on, we're going to do it and nothing ever comes of it because it's all for show. >> do you think there's any chance that this new development -- >> bob just sighed. >> i'm trying to get to everybody. >> i'm sorry. >> why don't you go first. do you think that this new development actually gets us any closer to the truth or do you think it just keeps going until november? >> i'm going to make bob sigh really loud because the end result of ignoring the targeting of people is venezuela. there is a violent implosion over socialism but the american media rolls their eyes because their side is per pe traiting.
2:33 pm
what you are seeing here with the irs is a larger picture about a segment of society, conservativists being targeted by the government with the tacit approval of the media. the media has more pup pets than mr. roger's neighborhood. you will never see this go anywhere. fnc will be mocked for covering this store, benghazi, the doj. >> bob. let it all out. >> let me start out by saying darrell issa is a failed chairman. >> why do you think -- >> can i finish what i'm saying? would you let me finish what i'm saying? >> i said both sides do it. listen, let me just put it this way. issa has held hearing after hearing after hearing and all they have got is lois learner may be doing this.
2:34 pm
they have nothing back at the white house. the implication of course is goes back to the white house. it's also b.s. they can't prove that. the number of flooding of tea party applications of enormous that year and there weren't that many progressive groups being put in there. >> so bob, that is the new talking point, you get to say all the liberal groups are targeted too but now presented with sworn testimony from irs employees, you can say i didn't really mean that? >> this isn't too outlandish, bob. lois learner when she worked for the scc, has a history of this. they found a memo from lois learner to her staff talking about very detailed increased scrutiny for conservative groups. you know the truth? >> why didn't he come up with something after all this time?
2:35 pm
because he doesn't know what he's doing. >> what about all the senate panels, the committee, they do the same thing, and nothing comes out of that either? they won't investigate the irs. they won't investigate benghazi. >> you tell me how many things -- can you tell me what issa has gotten after all these hearings? >> i'll plead the 5th. >> nothing. >> hoisted on his own petard. >> what is petard anyway? >> i'll explain it in a minute. >> hollywood heartthrob is singing that same sun, did the former brat packer has a right -- the ugly truth after the break. ahhh.
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turn out petard is a hoisting machine. i had no idea. >> no, that's not what it is. >> all right. let us welcome a new class of victims to agrieved. the gorgeous actor rob lowe says having good things makes it much harder to succeed. he told "the new york times" there's this unbelievable bias and prejudice against good looking people, that they can't be in pain or rough lives or be deep or interesting. when i was a teen ie doll, i wouldn't have taken myself seriously. i hear you. it wasn't until i was 40 people lynned to me. but prejudice, please, if rob lowe wasn't hot, he would be
2:41 pm
chad lowe. good looking people have it easy. it's the looks challenged who are the real agrieved. the homely don't have an edge in interviews or dating or or fannages, this is why they are the great inventors. brad pitt would never come up with a snuggy because he's too being cute. have you seen gene simmons without make-up? your not hot looks are designed to unleash your hidden strengths to prevent you from coasting through life. if you look like rob lowe, you wouldn't do what you are about to do next which is something far greater than whining. >> a little moral there. >> i see there. >> what are you laughing at? you are the petard. all right.
2:42 pm
andrea, does rob lowe have a point? his gorgeousness has him dismissed as a lightweight. >> he was really pretty when he was growing up. the issue for rob lowe he was 15 years too early on the sex tape scene. that was the problem. if he would have come out with a sex tape now, he would be an even bigger star. it reminded me of the story in "the onion." >> eric, you are gorgeous. same say too gorgeous. should you have special rights that protect you from discrimination? >> no, but look in his industry, the only reason we're even talking about him is because he was good looking in the first place. he got the role. i'm not sure where we're going with this. we talk about gender inequality and racial inequality, which is -- >> hotness inequality.
2:43 pm
it's a huge problem. >> the white house going to bring rob lowe and saying we're going to have to equal pay for hotness. >> no one in washington has that problem. it's like hollywood for ugly people. >> that's what people say. >> well, anyway, bob, you are considered sexy in many arenas. >> yeah, really. >> i just want to say rob lowe, i've achieved a lot in my life being ugly. now, if i had your looks, big boy, i think i would have gotten more. maybe more money. maybe something else. listen to you whine, your sex tape was lousy, number one, what you really ought to do is take your money and shove it. >> until last week, i had never heard of a sex tape with rob lowe. i don't know anything about it. >> it's the early bird special.
2:44 pm
>> i don't think he's being honest. he's cute and honest. there, that's fine. >> you think he was funny because he was good looking? >> what he was, he was stereotyped pretty boy roles. >> he's in trouble, we were talking about turned conservative -- >> if he wasn't hot, he won get any roles, so he's whining about the roles that he wants. the market is dictate, listen, hottie, you can't play the serial killer. >> coming up, i think he was 18 at the time. >> i think it was one 16-year-old. >> who knows? it was a big night for uconn, as the huskies were crowned but i
2:45 pm
didn't watch. riots erupted and dozens were arrested. the latest on the friendsy next. (vo) you are a business pro.
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that was uconn winning the ncaa national championship over kentucky. the jub i lags took a turn for the worse as more than 30 people were arrested in riots following the game. uconn fans smashed lights. >> if i got a raise, can i go out and turn over a car. hur ray, i got a raise. this is not a real achievement. you didn't play the game. you were a fan. you can't go out and turn things over. this is stupid. mindless rioting is a replacement for your own lack of achievement. you are disgusting. >> unless they are green cars -- >> if they are smart cars --
2:50 pm
>> i don't know of a single town or city that won an ncaa championship there hasn't been bad behavior. the connecticut guard, shabazz napier said a few days before the game, he's having a hard time eating because he doesn't have any money. should we be paying these guys? >> i find it very hard to believe that mr. napier is having a hard time eating. i think the point he's trying to make is he's seeing his jersey being sold for $80, $100. and his program is bringing in hundreds of thousands of
2:51 pm
dollars. >> you know how much money they made for the university of connecticut last night? what do you think, andrea? >> i actually think there is a problem with a lot of these students who come from very low income families, below the poverty line. a lot of african-american families and they really are not getting that education they claim to get because they spend most of their time on athletics that make millions and millions of dollars for the ncaa, for the school and the coaches, and guys get out, oh, they have their college degree. a lot of these guys let me go pro. let me make money. i'm not saying unionize but there has to be a discussion about the disproportionate am of money. the schools are making -- let them go proif they want to go
2:52 pm
pro, right out of high school. >> you thinkse guys ought to get paid at least a stiep end every month. >> i think should have a male plan -- meal plan. i think that there are ways where the school to be able to address the situation like this, rather than just all of a sudden saying let's pay them. >> i think they should pay by need. a lot of these people come from very poor families. >> they get the train and experience on the cheap. by the time they go to the pros, if they are not injured, they still get to pay them very little. >> the ncaa is laughing all the way to the bank. one more thing is up next. man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties.
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all right. time for one more thing. i'll kick it off. two of my favorite people in the world, sarah palin and jon stewart got together. >> sarah where he don't agree on much. >> i agree with that. >> but we both see the need to help our returning veterans to start new careers. >> at acp-adviser net, they get
2:57 pm
free advice. >> join us because their service deserves our service. >> good job to both of those. dana, you are up. >> i had april awesome time last night. i went to joes pub and i saw the wonderful talented leavy lowry. listen to them sing colder weather last night. ♪ i'm stuck in colder weather, maybe tomorrow will be better ♪ >> they are the great night. they both are solo artists. i got to meet up with levi. i'm going to be on that show with this guy on that show. and also with nick searcy with
2:58 pm
justified. >> thanks to "the five" i am number five on the "new york times" best seller list. >> above bill o'reilly. >> i just surpassed "killing jesus." you know who is number one right now? it rhymes with sherry anna huffington. get me to number one, america, so i can laugh at airian in a huffington. >> i want to say again happy birthday to my mom. she came across a pretty big milestone birthday. we surprised her with a trip to puerto rico. there's my sister and i toasting our mom who is just the best in the world. they are our smallest "the five" fans. those are my nephews.
2:59 pm
and we get to meet the red hot chili peppers. i'm a huge fan. they have a no photo policy. we went to the concert in san juan and had a great time. after a year of what was pretty hard for the whole family, we had a lot of laughs together. that's my sister and brother on either side of me. happy birthday, mom. you are number one. >> very cool. happy birthday, mrs. t. >> bobby mccall ister ran on family values during his election. let's show him with one of his staffers. that's really family values. that's good congressmen. >> you know the most outrageous thing about that, bob, they fired her today. >> that's amazing. but he has a wife and children and congratulations for being a
3:00 pm
pig. >> can we agree that both sides do it? >> no. hilary is going to be the nominee and she stood by her pig. >> don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode "the five." >> as we count down the hours toward tax day, there could be a day of reckoning coming for the tax woman at the center of the irs targeting scandal. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. one week from today is april 15th, the deadline to get your income tax returns filed. this week, congressional republicans continue their efforts to ftd out who was behind the systemic targeting of conservative ups groups by the irs and what they have in mind could be much more serious than an audit. correspondent doug m


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